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Saturday, May 31, 2014

MALHAVOC (can) "Age Of The Dark Renaissance" 1986 demo #3 and NECROVORE - 1987 demo

Here they are - the two best demo's of the 1980's........................


MALHAVOC (can) "Age Of The Dark Renaissance" 1986 demo #3
This is one of the darkest and most evil demo's since Bathory's "The Return..." album. Very much inspired by Bathory, Celtic Frost and even Slaughter (can), this band is so different & dark & twisted that it amazes me more don't speak of this demo when mentioning other great demo's of the 80's. This was their 3rd demo and it starts with an eerie intro that leads into an instrumental that mimics the creepy intro theme. The first proper song is a masterpiece. The vocals are like a vicious whispery voice....very eerie & strange. Then there's a song that's like a Bathory intro with wind and wails. Then another ripping tune of Malhavoc-style blackness. Side 2 has another Intro style song, then the classic "Attack From The Sepulcher". Then there's another windy stormy instrumental followed by 2 more great dark tracks to close out a masterpiece! The logo is KILLER! Those are scans of my actual demo....and the sticker that came with it (the circular thing with the scythe and inverted cross). In 1988 they recorded some of these songs again along with a few new ones that were a never-released LP called "Shrine" They appear on a Malhavoc CD called "The Release" (on Cargo records). I would classify this as early black metal. It's raw, it imperfect, and it's magical.
By 1990 this band turned industrial and became boring as shit........  :(

1.  Age Of The dark Renaissance  (instrumental)
2.  Urbain Grendier
3.  Night Cry  (instrumental)
4.  Meridiana
5.  Arythmia  (instrumental)
6.  Attack From The Sepulcher
7.  The Storm  (instrumental)
8.  Fey
9.  Dunwich Horror

NECROVORE (us/tx) - 1987 demo
I saw this demo reviewed in Metal Forces (I think it was) and ordered it back in early '88! I got this demo back and was totally obsessed with it!!!! I even wrote back and forth with Jon DePlachett (vocals/guitars) a few times. I was already HUGELY into the band Possessed, and this was like a darker, more evil and rawer Possessed. Sick twisted morbid riffing, insane hoarse vicious vocals, pounding drumming, exquisite songwriting and song construction.  Even though the sound quality is obviously a demo/rehearsal, it has the best worst sound EVER! This is the best demo of the 80's. And it's where the blog takes it's name from: "Divus De Mortuus" is one of the best songs on this demo! Hail the Texas Cult!!!

10.  Mutilated Death
11.  Slaughtered Remains
12.  Divus De Mortuus
13.  Toxic Decay


Necrovore - live 1988

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