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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

4 demo's: NECROMANCER (fin), SEVERE WARNING (us/oh), DOOMWATCH (us/pa) & ATTILA (us/ny)

Here are 4 killer cult 80's demo's all together in one folder........ 


NECROMANCER (fin) - 1988 demo I
This is one of many band's called Necromancer. The Brazilian one is killer, and so is this one from Finland. Top quality and tight speed death/thrash!!!! Three malicious ripping songs inspired by Slayer, Dark Angel & Sadus. Too bad they never released an album. Just a couple of demo's and an ep. If anyone has their Demo II 1988 please contact me - vaalkoth@yahoo.com
(Here's the Necromancer demo by itself in it's own folder: Download Here)

1. Malicious Death

2. Rapid Fire 

3. Head Hunter

SEVERE WARNING (us/oh) "Death To False Metal" 1987 demo #1
This is another of the many KILLER CULT demo's that came out in 1987. They were featured on several prominent compilation LP's (Satan's Revenge Vol. II - 1987, Thrash Metal Attack II - 1988, Heavy Artillery - 1990, etc). This demo was their absolute peak. The title hints towards a Manowar influence, but it's in statement only. Musically it's maniacal thrash that, musically, reminds me of a mix of Nasty Savage, Hallow's Eve, Candlemass & Slayer. The song "It's Not Easy..." is a total classic!!!!

4.  Death To False Metal
5.  The Black Plague
6.  Hermetically Sealed
7.  It's Not Easy.....(To Be The Antichrist)  (Listen Here)



DOOMWATCH (us/pa) "Vile Revelations" 1986 demo #1
This is a band from the Pittsburgh thrash underground. Some songs have a hardcore punkish feel reminiscent of other Pitt bands Half-Life and Eviction. But their thrashier songs are killer and raw, a bit like early Blood Feast (when they were Blood Lust) and Slaughter (can). The last track is my favorite. My cousin got me into these guys back in '87-'88 at the same time as Necropolis, Iron Cross/Holocross, Castle Blood, Half-Life, Dream Death, and the rest of the Pitt scene.

8.  Legacy Of Death
9.  The Fourth Reich
10.  Doomwatch
11.  Asylum Erotica

ATTILA (us/ny) "Strike To Kill1985 demo #3This is one over-looked masterpiece! This band Attila was from NYC and this demo is so massive! The 3rd song "Lucifer's Hammer" is one of the best pounding speed metal songs ever made with some of the best lyrics! It was featured on the "Speed Metal Hell" compilation LP I bought in 1985 - I was obsessed with that song on that comp and I found the demo years later through tapetrading. They have 2 other killer demo's, but this is their prime. They also released one LP in 1986 called "Rolling Thunder". It's OK. But they didn't re-record "Lucifer's Hammer".

12.  Strike To Kill
13.  Rolling Thunder
14.  Lucifer's Hammer  (Listen Here)


     ATTILA - 1986

     DOOMWATCH - 1986

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