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Saturday, May 3, 2014

Welcome to Divus De Mortuus Blog - May 2014


Yes, a new blog. Let's see how this goes. I figured it could only help spread some more rare cult underground demo's from the 80's. Mainly thrash, speed, power, black & death metal throughout the 80's and some early 90's. I can't really say that I am taking requests yet. This blog is not going to run my life, so at first I'll begin by just sharing some great cult stuff for you to download and enjoy. I'm not sharing copyrighted albums. I don't want to deal with being reported, so demo's only for now. My early posts will contain demo's I have been into since getting them way back in the 80's or in my early tapetrading days ('87-'90).

Be patient. I tried this once before years ago, but some troll f**ked it all up. So I need to re-learn all this again.

Much support continues for raf666, strappado, strad, boneyard, metal area & lockjaw (r.i.p.). 

If you know what the blog name is, you're a certified cult 80's demo-fiend!


1 comment:

  1. Hi Vaalkoth,

    Welcome back to the front lines! May this en-devour be a successful one!

    I remember your blog and your contributions with others, and I remember the troll indeed. Achilles had one to... ahh well there will be always a so called metalhead that have to ruin for other.

    In the mean time I will add your blog to my Metal Links.

    Have a great day!