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Saturday, May 31, 2014

3 demo's in 1 file: TERMINATED RITE (can) "Darkness Weaves" 1988 demo#2, THANATOS (hol) "The Day Before Tomorrow..." 1987 demo#3 & IRON CROSS (us/pa) - 1987 promo

Again, here are 3 demo's ripped together into 1 file. All 3 are absolutely KILLER and CULT!!!! I previously shared Terminated Rite's debut demo. This begins with their 2nd demo.......

TERMINATED RITE (can) "Darkness Weaves" 1988 demo#2
So here is the 2nd masterful demo by Canada's Terminated Rite. A TOTAL classic of dark thrash! The title track with its morbid intro is just killer. The riffing is strange and unique, their style individualistic, their vocalist angry and harsh. I'd have liked to hear this band record an album. They never did. They split up after this demo.

1.  On A Pale Horse
2.  Beserker Rage
3.  Darkness Weaves
4.  Anathema

THANATOS (hol) "The Day Before Tomorrow..." 1987 demo #3
This is the 3rd demo by cult band Thanatos. Everything they did in the 80's was phenomenal. On this demo they really came into their own. They had a unique style of thrash that sort of mixed Nasty Savage, Sadus, Massacra (fra) and Ravage/Atheist. Some technical influence came in (like EARLY Testament/Legacy) and they became more death/thrash by the time they began releasing CD's (the 1st few are EXCELLENT). This is a great demo with classic songs and it was my introduction to this band when I ordered this demo back in early '88 after seeing it reviewed in a Zine. Total cult.

5.  Imposters' Infiltration
6.  The Day Before Tomorrow
7.  Progressive Destructor (live)

IRON CROSS (us/pa) - 1987 radio promo
Now here is something rare that NO ONE has! This is a 1987 promo of Pittsburgh's Iron Cross. Here's the story - Iron Cross had been around since '82 or '83 in Pitt, and even released a good LP in 1985 called "Warhead". By 1987 they were recording their 2nd album when they released this promo of 2 rough mixed songs for a local radio show in Pittsburgh hosted by "the Arghman". They played the 2 songs on the radio show, and that's what these were recorded off of. By the end of 1987 they were legally forced to change their name (some other band had copyrighted "Iron Cross" apparently) so they changed their name to Holocross and these 2 songs are on the debut LP in fully mixed forms. But at the time they gave these rough mixes to the radio station for airplay, they were still known as Iron Cross. Two killer pounding songs of Pittsburgh Thrash!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

8.  Battle Stations
9.  Bombardment


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