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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

WARHEAD (us/ny) - "Attila" 1984 demo#1 and "On The Run" 1986 demo#2

WARHEAD was a power/heavy metal band from Rochester, NY who, in 1984, managed to get on a great cult compilation LP called "New York Metal '84". Their song "Whore", from their 1984 demo, was featured. This song also became the intro song to every edition of the local radio show Metallic Overdrive that aired every Saturday night at midnight all through the 80's. Even the DJ was "The Warhead".
Anyhow, they were excellent power metal on the debut demo - killer screamy/whiny vocals that are chaotic in a good way. Great riffing and playing throughout.

"Attila" 1984 demo#1
1. I'm A Killer
2. Whore  (Listen Here)
3. Fight For Your Life
4. Path Of Destruction



On their second demo, "On The Run" in 1986, they had become stronger, tighter, and even wrote a thrash song ("Insanity"). Unfortunately after this demo the band simply seemed to vanish off the face of the Earth. I never even got to see them live. I saw my first concert in late '86 and that was Overkill & Slayer.
The photo above I believe is them live in Rochester at the Penny Arcade in 1986.

"On The Run" 1986 demo#2
1. Catch A Thrill
2. Insanity  (Listen Here)
3. On The Run
4. Raise The Fist
5. Burning Out



  1. Two different bands NY metal 84 , Whore, Path of destruction, I'm a killer and Fight for your life is by Queens / Long Island based band comprises of Ron Simmons vocals, Tom Inamorato guitar, Neila Benderman bass and Mike Gallino drums.

  2. I *am* The Warhead. I started out on Metallic Overdrive in December 1983 and my last show was just before Halloween 1995. In 1988 , I moved from WGMC 90.1 FM to WBER 90.5 FM. The show ran from 11-6am on Friday nights and 11-6 am (sometimes 9am) on Saturday nights @ WGMC and then "ONLY" 6 hours , starting at 11 pm while @ WBER.
    For the record,I did NOT get my name from the local Rochester band Warhead. I believe it was perhaps the other way around...(Great bunch of guys ,and I was good friends with guitarist Jay Zwitzer's brother , Andy ,while going to Gates Chili High School.
    I actually was inspired to call myself "The Warhead " based around a NWOBHM band called "MORE" and their excellent release "Warhead". They were a fave of mine and I loved their logo as well (I still have the original patch!). They actually were on Atlantic records and also boasted vocalist Paul Mario Day , who was the very first Iron Maiden vocalist. He pre-dated Paul Di'Anno by about 3 years. Just check out the song "We Are The Band " or even the intro to "I Have No Answers " and you may see why a metaller like me in 1980 would be impressed.
    I may have used the song "Whore" by the OTHER Warhead as one of my intro songs (I can't recall for sure, there were several...) , but I do know that my longest running intro was the "Phantasm" segment from Entombed's "Left Hand Path". (I should have read the lyrics !)
    Certainly not "expolosive" news , but I just HAD to blow this up!!
    The Warhead

  3. dude, the warhead!my name is erin fogg .
    i used to listen to metallic overdrive religiously every week, have tons of the shows on cassette.
    there is always one band i could never find out who it was and i would copy the cassette and mail to you warhead , if you could figure out who it is. i would appreciate it so much , that would be so cool!
    went to penfield. know a lot of people from there and Wayne county schools ( gananda,palmac,)and pittsford metal heads back in the day.
    i remember it all, warhead, executioner,the time machine, best metal show ever! everybody loved it! \m/