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Friday, May 23, 2014

PHANTASMAGORIA (us/ny) - 1990 demo

PHANTASMAGORIA (us/ny) - 1990 demo

Here is a super-rare demo from a Rochester, NY band called Phantasmagoria. This is their only demo released in 1990. I got it directly from the band since I knew them and my old band Buried Beneath even played a show with them. There is no logo or demo cover. By 1992 they changed their name to Disgorged & released a couple demo's and a mini-CD of death/grind. They split and from it's ashes Withered Earth was born, and they released a demo and a few CD's.
Getting back to Phantasmagoria - the drummer is none other than Dave Culross. This was his first band. The drumming is tight. He also continued on into Disgorged, but when Disgorged split, Dave went on to drum for Malevolent Creation & Suffocation. The guitars of Ron & Chris are low down-tuned madness. Deep gutteral vocals. I'd say they are like a mix of Carcass, 1st Dark Throne album, early Immolation & Napalm Death. They were Rochester's first death/grind band, beating even Matrikhore (whose '91 demo was total blasphemous gore/death/grind and features pre-Withered Earth drummer John Paradiso). Enjoy.

1.  Human Dissection
2.  Arisen From The Ancient Slumber
3.  Decapitation Ritual
4.  Violent Past


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