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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

NECROMANCER (bra) - 1986 demo#1 and "Dark Church" 1987 demo#2

This is Brazil's answer to Necrovore. Yeah, no shit! This is the Brazilian band NECROMANCER - The 2nd demo, "Dark Church", was released in 1987 and it's absolutely DARK EVIL DEATH METAL in the vein of Possessed, Necrovore & Bathory. Absolutely cult! I first got this in '88 from a Brazilian tapetrader and have loved it ever since. The first demo is rawer and a bit filthier, yet equally impressive.

"Demo I" 1986 demo#1
1. Ameaca Assassina
2. Carrasco (Mensageiro do Fim)

"Dark Church" 1987 demo#2
1. Dark Church  (Listen Here)
2. Necromancer

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  1. ....fuck man, you have some RARE shit there bro. THANKZ for sharing, let me know if there is anything I may do to support the good work; fuck I have a KILLER Dark Angel show from 9-12-85, got directly from J.Durkin during the tape trading day, on cassette, but I dont know how the fuck to upload so that I may share it also, and I also have ultrakiller soundboard from Sathanas live 1-1-88, original first hand recording, sent directly through the mail from the band, back in early 89 before they stopped answering mail and switched over to Bathym... I have quite a few others, let me know if you can send instructions on how to upload and what kind of equipment do I need... HAIL!!! ....say you dont happen to have the SARCOPHAGUS (Australia)- Morbid Processions + demo 2, or MATAN BOUKOUS - HELL´S SOBER COMEBACK - or BAAL - HEXCRAFT & WITCHCRAFT + The promo...??? I´d KILL for those....