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Friday, May 9, 2014

4 demo's in 1 - NECROPOLIS (us/pa), CREMAINS (can), MACABRE (us/il) & PESTILENCE (us/nv)

When I first began ripping my oldest demo's from my first years of tape-trading (1987-1989) I often clumped together my favorite demo's and ripped as many as I could onto one blank CD-R (80 mins). So these demo's were never separated apart, I ripped them song after song and kept them together. The only demo that is NOT complete is the Pestilence demo - there are 3 live tracks that end the demo and I'm missing the last 2. The other 3 demo's are complete. This is all cult stuff. Consider this a "comp tape" of killer demo's. The next couple posts will be demo's clumped together into one file including what logo's, demo covers & pics I could locate. These are my rips of my tapes.
I'll cover each demo in chronological order....

NECROPOLIS (us/pa) "Future Kill" 1987 demo#2
My cousin and his friend in Pittsburgh turned me onto this band in 1987. I got the demo in Eide's Record store there (I used to visit family a few times a year in Pittsburgh up 'til I was 19) and I also got into the Pittsburgh thrash scene (Doomwatch, Eviction, Castle Blood, Iron Cross/Holocross, etc). This band in particular blew me away. The one song that is a total thrash masterpiece is the track "The Seventh Seal". I LOVE that track! The whole demo is raw & nasty thrash with glimpses of mastery. Total underground cult, in my opinion.

1. Future Kill
2. Carnage
3. Annihilus
4. The Seventh Seal  (Listen Here)
5. Necropolis

CREMAINS (can) "Back From The Graves1987 demo
Another CULT 1987 demo from Canadian dark thrashers CREMAINS. They are violent death/thrash that are part Razor, part Sarcofago, part Sodom & part Possessed! Tight, necro, evil, fast, devilish - right up there with Necrovore & Morbid Angel in terms of best demo's of 1987.

6. Back From The Graves
7. Demonology
8. Valley Of The Dead
9. Glance Of Death
10. Nuclear Carnage

MACABRE (us/il) "Shit List" 1987 demo#1
The debut demo of Macabre: some excellent primitive death metal done the '87 way! They helped pave the way for more death metal to spread taking cues from the likes of Possessed & mixing it with Carcass-like gore and serial killers. "Murder Metal", as they called it. A great demo and much better than their later material.

11. Disease
12. Rat Man
13. What the Heck Richard Speck (Eight Nurses You Wrecked)
14. Natural Disaster (instr.)
15. Mass Murder II (instr.)
16. Butcher (live)
17. Funeral Home (live)

PESTILENCE (us/nv) "Infected" 1987 demo  (missing 2 live tracks)
This is another KILLER thrash demo from 1987! That just seemed to be a magic year for killer demo's! This is a band called Pestilence from Las Vegas, Nevada. All they ever released was this one demo. Side A is 4 studio tracks and side B is 3 live tracks (I'm missing 2 of them). Killer thrash in the Dark Angel / Sadus / Blood Feast style. Not to be confused with other bands called Pestilence from Holland (most famous one), L.A., Brazil, & Hungary.

18. Liquidation
19. The Raven
20. Corruption
21. Final Solution
22. Incubus (live)


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