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Saturday, May 3, 2014

DANGER ZONE (den) - 1981 demo

DANGER ZONE (den) - 1981 demo

This is a very special start to this blog. The Danish band DANGER ZONE and their 5 song demo from early 1981. This is a special demo because this brought together the main line-up of the original Mercyful Fate. Danger Zone was Michael Denner's (guitar) band with Timi Hansen (bass). They asked King Diamond & Hank Shermann to help out on the demo, so King did vocals and Hank did guitar, plus there was a drummer (not Kim Ruzz yet). After this demo, they eventually joined together and became Mercyful Fate. A total classic!

1. Persecution
2. Missions Destroy Aliens
3. Truck Driver
4. Killed For Love
5. Not Amusing


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