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Monday, May 26, 2014

5 demo's in one file: DESECRATION (us/ca) "Psycho" 1985 demo#1 + "The Summoning" 1986 demo#2, BEYOND (can) "Framed Insanity" 1988 demo#3, RITUAL (bra) - 1987 demo & SEPULTURA (bra) "Pass Reborns The Storms" 1987 demo

Here are 5 demo's all in one file. I ripped them all together because they're all killer cult demo's!
I'll go demo by demo......


DESECRATION (us/ca) "Psycho" 1985 demo #1
This debut demo by Californian band Desecration is an utter classic!!! Dark evil death metal with drumming provided by session Possessed-drummer Mike Sus. The vocals are unique - an almost growled talking. Very Possessed-like riffing and obviously the drumming. Very death metal, very dark.  Two of the songs on this demo were featured on the cult compilation LP "Satan's Revenge" released in 1985.

1.  Intro / Psycho
2.  Death's Revenge
3.  Halloween

DESECRATION (us/ca) "The Summoning" 1986 demo #2
This is their 2nd official demo, although they also released a live demo at Ruthie's Inn between the debut demo & this one. Anyways, this is of rawer quality, and a few songs are a bit weaker, but others keep the same style represented on the debut demo making this still a very worthy release.

4.  Intro / Burned At The Stake
5.  Cowboys In Bondage
6.  The Maniac
7.  The Summoning
8.  Kill Them Pigs

BEYOND (can) "Framed Insanity" 1988 demo #3
This 3rd demo by Canada's Beyond was their absolute peak of their style. It's dark technical thrash with  slight aspects of Voivod, Thanatos (hol), Nasty Savage & EARLY Testament, some guitar wizardry used in a very unique and interesting manner (no shred BS!), some very strange gruff vocals, and an overall surreal feeling to their sound. This was a unique band. Their 1st 2 demo's were great as well, but this one had better production and solidified their sound. After this they became overly progressive and less interesting.

9.  Manipulator Incubus
10.  Nirvana
11.  Dali's Vision
12.  My Demon


RITUAL (bra) - 1987 demo
This is a rare obscure little gem by a Brazilian band called Ritual. No logo or demo cover is even available. I got this demo back in late '87 when I first started tape-trading with some guy in Brazil I contacted through Metal Force's "Penbangers". It's killer dark death metal in the same vein as Necrovore & Necromancer (bra). Truly killer dark death with some thrash touches. The vocals are viciously great!! Just 2 songs but total classics. After this demo the band changed their name to Psychic Possessor and released the "Toxin Diffusion" LP in 1988 on which they re-record these 2 demo songs.

13.  Zombie Night
14.  Breathe Til Drop

SEPULTURA (bra) "Pass Reborns The Storms" 1987 demo
Lastly, here is a killer one-song demo that Sepultura recorded in early 1987 shortly after Andreas Kisser replaced guitarist Jairo (who went on to form The Mist). This was a testing to see how they worked together, and it's an early version of the song "From The Past Comes The Storms" on the "Schizophrenia" LP in 1987. A killer rawer version with different lyrics.......Enjoy!!

15. Pass Reborns The Storms


The file title starts with Nigro Mantia's demo, but it's not attached to the file. I removed it and made it the separate post that appears earlier in the blog. So just ignore it - I didn't feel like trying to change the title after I'd already uploaded it.

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