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Friday, May 23, 2014

THE ETERNAL (aut) - 1992 demo & GRAND BELIAL'S KEY (us/va) - 1992 demo

I don't really want to get into the habit of posting 90's demo's in here. I am mainly focused on 80's stuff, maybe some stuff from 1990 since it rounds out the decade. But these 2 demo's are so good and so cult, that I ripped them together into one folder. They are 2 different styles completely, but nonetheless they are cult demo's from 1992. 

THE ETERNAL (aut) "Dreams Of Immortal Desire" 1992 demo
This is such a killer dark demo! They are like a slower Morbid Angel with some Immolation thrown in plus a little bit of black/doom. Evil dark riffing and a dark sound quality and production (a bit muddled at times but I think it adds to the dark atmosphere!). I got this demo in '92 from the band (and a poster too) and have loved it ever since. I can't help but share it and spread it because it's all this band did before splitting up.

1.  Intro
2.  Manifest The Black
3.  Dreams Of Immortal Desire
4.  Twilight Spheres
5.  The Ways Of No Return

GRAND BELIAL'S KEY (us/va) "Goat Of A Thousand Young" 1992 demo #1
This demo came out of nowhere and blew me away back then. I actually traded the debut Buried Beneath demo with this band, and got this masterpiece. Original USBM!!! The guitar sound is thin, BUT, the riffs are amazing. This is completely unique black metal like no other. Gelal supplies the riffs (as he always did in GBK through the years) and the drums/vocals on the demo is Bestial Luciferian (a/k/a Lord Kaiaphas in Ancient). Bestial Luciferian soon left for the band Ancient (and his own solo-project Thokk) and Cazz came in on drums/vocals and he appears on all later GBK recordings. But this demo right here is where it began......

6.  Intro / Shemhamforash
7.  Goat Of A Thousand Young
8.  Sumerian Fairytale
9.  The Seventh Enochian Key


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