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Thursday, May 15, 2014

TERMINATED RITE (can) "The Rite To Die" 1987 demo #1

TERMINATED RITE (can) "The Rite To Die1987 demo #1This is the rare debut demo from Terminated Rite out of Canada. Killer dark thrash!!! Even though I think their 2nd demo is better, it's more readily available on the net, so I decided to share the debut demo. They were part of a bunch of cult demo-bands in the Ontario scene along with Malhavoc, Haggard, Beyond, Reprisal, Lethal Presence, etc. Enjoy!

1.  Rest In Pieces
2.  Ravager
3.  Beserkir Rage
4.  Obsession
5.  Deicide
6.  Dark Horses


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