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Saturday, May 31, 2014

MALHAVOC (can) "Age Of The Dark Renaissance" 1986 demo #3 and NECROVORE - 1987 demo

Here they are - the two best demo's of the 1980's........................


MALHAVOC (can) "Age Of The Dark Renaissance" 1986 demo #3
This is one of the darkest and most evil demo's since Bathory's "The Return..." album. Very much inspired by Bathory, Celtic Frost and even Slaughter (can), this band is so different & dark & twisted that it amazes me more don't speak of this demo when mentioning other great demo's of the 80's. This was their 3rd demo and it starts with an eerie intro that leads into an instrumental that mimics the creepy intro theme. The first proper song is a masterpiece. The vocals are like a vicious whispery voice....very eerie & strange. Then there's a song that's like a Bathory intro with wind and wails. Then another ripping tune of Malhavoc-style blackness. Side 2 has another Intro style song, then the classic "Attack From The Sepulcher". Then there's another windy stormy instrumental followed by 2 more great dark tracks to close out a masterpiece! The logo is KILLER! Those are scans of my actual demo....and the sticker that came with it (the circular thing with the scythe and inverted cross). In 1988 they recorded some of these songs again along with a few new ones that were a never-released LP called "Shrine" They appear on a Malhavoc CD called "The Release" (on Cargo records). I would classify this as early black metal. It's raw, it imperfect, and it's magical.
By 1990 this band turned industrial and became boring as shit........  :(

1.  Age Of The dark Renaissance  (instrumental)
2.  Urbain Grendier
3.  Night Cry  (instrumental)
4.  Meridiana
5.  Arythmia  (instrumental)
6.  Attack From The Sepulcher
7.  The Storm  (instrumental)
8.  Fey
9.  Dunwich Horror

NECROVORE (us/tx) - 1987 demo
I saw this demo reviewed in Metal Forces (I think it was) and ordered it back in early '88! I got this demo back and was totally obsessed with it!!!! I even wrote back and forth with Jon DePlachett (vocals/guitars) a few times. I was already HUGELY into the band Possessed, and this was like a darker, more evil and rawer Possessed. Sick twisted morbid riffing, insane hoarse vicious vocals, pounding drumming, exquisite songwriting and song construction.  Even though the sound quality is obviously a demo/rehearsal, it has the best worst sound EVER! This is the best demo of the 80's. And it's where the blog takes it's name from: "Divus De Mortuus" is one of the best songs on this demo! Hail the Texas Cult!!!

10.  Mutilated Death
11.  Slaughtered Remains
12.  Divus De Mortuus
13.  Toxic Decay


Necrovore - live 1988

SADISTIC RAGE (us/ca) "No More Games" 1988 demo

SADISTIC RAGE (us/ca) "No More Games1988 demo
Thanks to me, this demo is in the Metal Archives and floating around the internet. I ordered this demo from the band back in 1988 after seeing an ad for it. It's killer aggressive thrash in the same vein as Sadus, Dark Angel, Slayer, Sacrifice & Blood Feast. It has that great demo-produced-quality sound that is perfect for this abrasive style of thrash. A classic!

1.  Intro - Visions Of Death
2.  The Execution
3.  Majority Rules
4.  Revenge
5.  The Funhouse


NECROPOLIS (us/pa) "The Insanity Has Only Begun" 1988 demo#3

NECROPOLIS (us/pa) "The Insanity Has Only Begun" 1988 demo #3
This is one of my favorite thrash bands of the 80's. Pittsburgh's Necropolis. A lot of it is nostalgia because I got turned onto the Pittsburgh Thrash scene back in 1987 at age 16 from my cousin. I had family in Pitt and we visited there 3 times a year, so I got into buying some Pitt demos, and I got the Necropolis demo's at Eide's Record Store. This is their 3rd and final demo before splitting up. Excellent Pitt-style thrash.

1.  Shall Earth Endure?
2.  Drunk And Arrogant
3.  The Insanity Has Only Begun
4.  Face Your Hatred
5.  Missing In Action
6.  Toxic Holocaust


3 demo's in 1 file: TERMINATED RITE (can) "Darkness Weaves" 1988 demo#2, THANATOS (hol) "The Day Before Tomorrow..." 1987 demo#3 & IRON CROSS (us/pa) - 1987 promo

Again, here are 3 demo's ripped together into 1 file. All 3 are absolutely KILLER and CULT!!!! I previously shared Terminated Rite's debut demo. This begins with their 2nd demo.......

TERMINATED RITE (can) "Darkness Weaves" 1988 demo#2
So here is the 2nd masterful demo by Canada's Terminated Rite. A TOTAL classic of dark thrash! The title track with its morbid intro is just killer. The riffing is strange and unique, their style individualistic, their vocalist angry and harsh. I'd have liked to hear this band record an album. They never did. They split up after this demo.

1.  On A Pale Horse
2.  Beserker Rage
3.  Darkness Weaves
4.  Anathema

THANATOS (hol) "The Day Before Tomorrow..." 1987 demo #3
This is the 3rd demo by cult band Thanatos. Everything they did in the 80's was phenomenal. On this demo they really came into their own. They had a unique style of thrash that sort of mixed Nasty Savage, Sadus, Massacra (fra) and Ravage/Atheist. Some technical influence came in (like EARLY Testament/Legacy) and they became more death/thrash by the time they began releasing CD's (the 1st few are EXCELLENT). This is a great demo with classic songs and it was my introduction to this band when I ordered this demo back in early '88 after seeing it reviewed in a Zine. Total cult.

5.  Imposters' Infiltration
6.  The Day Before Tomorrow
7.  Progressive Destructor (live)

IRON CROSS (us/pa) - 1987 radio promo
Now here is something rare that NO ONE has! This is a 1987 promo of Pittsburgh's Iron Cross. Here's the story - Iron Cross had been around since '82 or '83 in Pitt, and even released a good LP in 1985 called "Warhead". By 1987 they were recording their 2nd album when they released this promo of 2 rough mixed songs for a local radio show in Pittsburgh hosted by "the Arghman". They played the 2 songs on the radio show, and that's what these were recorded off of. By the end of 1987 they were legally forced to change their name (some other band had copyrighted "Iron Cross" apparently) so they changed their name to Holocross and these 2 songs are on the debut LP in fully mixed forms. But at the time they gave these rough mixes to the radio station for airplay, they were still known as Iron Cross. Two killer pounding songs of Pittsburgh Thrash!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

8.  Battle Stations
9.  Bombardment


Monday, May 26, 2014

5 demo's in one file: DESECRATION (us/ca) "Psycho" 1985 demo#1 + "The Summoning" 1986 demo#2, BEYOND (can) "Framed Insanity" 1988 demo#3, RITUAL (bra) - 1987 demo & SEPULTURA (bra) "Pass Reborns The Storms" 1987 demo

Here are 5 demo's all in one file. I ripped them all together because they're all killer cult demo's!
I'll go demo by demo......


DESECRATION (us/ca) "Psycho" 1985 demo #1
This debut demo by Californian band Desecration is an utter classic!!! Dark evil death metal with drumming provided by session Possessed-drummer Mike Sus. The vocals are unique - an almost growled talking. Very Possessed-like riffing and obviously the drumming. Very death metal, very dark.  Two of the songs on this demo were featured on the cult compilation LP "Satan's Revenge" released in 1985.

1.  Intro / Psycho
2.  Death's Revenge
3.  Halloween

DESECRATION (us/ca) "The Summoning" 1986 demo #2
This is their 2nd official demo, although they also released a live demo at Ruthie's Inn between the debut demo & this one. Anyways, this is of rawer quality, and a few songs are a bit weaker, but others keep the same style represented on the debut demo making this still a very worthy release.

4.  Intro / Burned At The Stake
5.  Cowboys In Bondage
6.  The Maniac
7.  The Summoning
8.  Kill Them Pigs

BEYOND (can) "Framed Insanity" 1988 demo #3
This 3rd demo by Canada's Beyond was their absolute peak of their style. It's dark technical thrash with  slight aspects of Voivod, Thanatos (hol), Nasty Savage & EARLY Testament, some guitar wizardry used in a very unique and interesting manner (no shred BS!), some very strange gruff vocals, and an overall surreal feeling to their sound. This was a unique band. Their 1st 2 demo's were great as well, but this one had better production and solidified their sound. After this they became overly progressive and less interesting.

9.  Manipulator Incubus
10.  Nirvana
11.  Dali's Vision
12.  My Demon


RITUAL (bra) - 1987 demo
This is a rare obscure little gem by a Brazilian band called Ritual. No logo or demo cover is even available. I got this demo back in late '87 when I first started tape-trading with some guy in Brazil I contacted through Metal Force's "Penbangers". It's killer dark death metal in the same vein as Necrovore & Necromancer (bra). Truly killer dark death with some thrash touches. The vocals are viciously great!! Just 2 songs but total classics. After this demo the band changed their name to Psychic Possessor and released the "Toxin Diffusion" LP in 1988 on which they re-record these 2 demo songs.

13.  Zombie Night
14.  Breathe Til Drop

SEPULTURA (bra) "Pass Reborns The Storms" 1987 demo
Lastly, here is a killer one-song demo that Sepultura recorded in early 1987 shortly after Andreas Kisser replaced guitarist Jairo (who went on to form The Mist). This was a testing to see how they worked together, and it's an early version of the song "From The Past Comes The Storms" on the "Schizophrenia" LP in 1987. A killer rawer version with different lyrics.......Enjoy!!

15. Pass Reborns The Storms


The file title starts with Nigro Mantia's demo, but it's not attached to the file. I removed it and made it the separate post that appears earlier in the blog. So just ignore it - I didn't feel like trying to change the title after I'd already uploaded it.

Friday, May 23, 2014

FALLEN ANGEL (us/ny) "Power Metal" 1985 demo

FALLEN ANGEL (us/ny) "Power Metal" 1985 demo
Here's a lost classic! Some great power metal from Rochester, NY by Fallen Angel. The song "Sinner's Vengeance" is a masterpiece. They're like a heavier Savatage. Totally killer & obscure. This was their only demo. They reformed and released an amazing CD in 2010.

1.  Sinner's Vengeance
2.  The Reapers Shall Gather
3.  Too Young
4.  The Neutral Zone
5.  Darkness


DEINONYCHUS (hol) "Promo '93" 1993 demo

DEINONYCHUS (hol) "Promo '93" 1993 demo #1
Again, this is not an 80's thrash demo, BUT it's one of the best demo's of the 90's. This is the totally cult demo by the Dutch band DEINONYCHUS. This is nothing like any of their CD's they'd later go on to release. This is dark evil melancholic black metal with some of the most vicious vocals ever!!!! Evil shrieks and screams! Utterly amazing! The vocalist would later do session vocals on the 2nd Bethlehemn (ger) CD "Dictius Te Necare" released in 1996.

1.  A Throne On My Long Awaited Desires
2.  I Ruler Of Paradise In Black
3.  A Shining Blaze Over Darkland
4.  Tears Will Flow  (Outro)


THE ETERNAL (aut) - 1992 demo & GRAND BELIAL'S KEY (us/va) - 1992 demo

I don't really want to get into the habit of posting 90's demo's in here. I am mainly focused on 80's stuff, maybe some stuff from 1990 since it rounds out the decade. But these 2 demo's are so good and so cult, that I ripped them together into one folder. They are 2 different styles completely, but nonetheless they are cult demo's from 1992. 

THE ETERNAL (aut) "Dreams Of Immortal Desire" 1992 demo
This is such a killer dark demo! They are like a slower Morbid Angel with some Immolation thrown in plus a little bit of black/doom. Evil dark riffing and a dark sound quality and production (a bit muddled at times but I think it adds to the dark atmosphere!). I got this demo in '92 from the band (and a poster too) and have loved it ever since. I can't help but share it and spread it because it's all this band did before splitting up.

1.  Intro
2.  Manifest The Black
3.  Dreams Of Immortal Desire
4.  Twilight Spheres
5.  The Ways Of No Return

GRAND BELIAL'S KEY (us/va) "Goat Of A Thousand Young" 1992 demo #1
This demo came out of nowhere and blew me away back then. I actually traded the debut Buried Beneath demo with this band, and got this masterpiece. Original USBM!!! The guitar sound is thin, BUT, the riffs are amazing. This is completely unique black metal like no other. Gelal supplies the riffs (as he always did in GBK through the years) and the drums/vocals on the demo is Bestial Luciferian (a/k/a Lord Kaiaphas in Ancient). Bestial Luciferian soon left for the band Ancient (and his own solo-project Thokk) and Cazz came in on drums/vocals and he appears on all later GBK recordings. But this demo right here is where it began......

6.  Intro / Shemhamforash
7.  Goat Of A Thousand Young
8.  Sumerian Fairytale
9.  The Seventh Enochian Key


PHANTASMAGORIA (us/ny) - 1990 demo

PHANTASMAGORIA (us/ny) - 1990 demo

Here is a super-rare demo from a Rochester, NY band called Phantasmagoria. This is their only demo released in 1990. I got it directly from the band since I knew them and my old band Buried Beneath even played a show with them. There is no logo or demo cover. By 1992 they changed their name to Disgorged & released a couple demo's and a mini-CD of death/grind. They split and from it's ashes Withered Earth was born, and they released a demo and a few CD's.
Getting back to Phantasmagoria - the drummer is none other than Dave Culross. This was his first band. The drumming is tight. He also continued on into Disgorged, but when Disgorged split, Dave went on to drum for Malevolent Creation & Suffocation. The guitars of Ron & Chris are low down-tuned madness. Deep gutteral vocals. I'd say they are like a mix of Carcass, 1st Dark Throne album, early Immolation & Napalm Death. They were Rochester's first death/grind band, beating even Matrikhore (whose '91 demo was total blasphemous gore/death/grind and features pre-Withered Earth drummer John Paradiso). Enjoy.

1.  Human Dissection
2.  Arisen From The Ancient Slumber
3.  Decapitation Ritual
4.  Violent Past


Thursday, May 15, 2014

KRYSTAL SYNN (us/ny) "For The... Future Synners" 1986 demo #1

KRYSTAL SYNN (us/ny) "For The... Future Synners" 1986 demo #1
Some Rochester NY Power Metal. This band followed a bit in the footsteps on another local band called Fallen Angel. This is Krystal Synn's debut demo and it's EXCELLENT! Sort of like Maiden meets Omen meets Savatage. Very catchy songs. They did another demo and eventually a CD before disbanding. This is total cult.

1.  Free Again
2.  Krakt Mirrors

and it's spelled: Krÿstal Sÿnn

TERMINATED RITE (can) "The Rite To Die" 1987 demo #1

TERMINATED RITE (can) "The Rite To Die1987 demo #1This is the rare debut demo from Terminated Rite out of Canada. Killer dark thrash!!! Even though I think their 2nd demo is better, it's more readily available on the net, so I decided to share the debut demo. They were part of a bunch of cult demo-bands in the Ontario scene along with Malhavoc, Haggard, Beyond, Reprisal, Lethal Presence, etc. Enjoy!

1.  Rest In Pieces
2.  Ravager
3.  Beserkir Rage
4.  Obsession
5.  Deicide
6.  Dark Horses


D.A.M. (uk) "Human Wreckage" 1988 demo

D.A.M. (uk) "Human Wreckage" 1988 demo
This is some excellent UK thrash. This is the only demo of D.A.M. (which stands for Destruction And Mayhem). Excellent thrash that is tight and inspired by the likes of Exodus, Dark Angel, Legacy, Metallica & Slayer. They released their debut LP/CD in 1990 with the very same title ("Human Wreckage").

1.  Death Warmed Up
2.  Human Wreckage
3.  Aliens



IXION (fra) "In Hoc Signs Vinces" 1986 demo

IXION (fra) "In Hoc Signs Vinces" 1986 demo #1
This is my first request (for you Alex). This is an obscure French deathrash band that is ex-Black Ghost (a noisy black metal band). They did this demo and one other (which I don't have). It's raw necro-muddy death-thrash with the vocals being a killer growled/scream. Pure underground feel.

1.  The Treaty With Satan
2.  The Church Of Dead
3.  Et cordit aceat esset boncum...
4.  The Vidance Law


Wednesday, May 14, 2014

5 1/2 demo's - NECROPHILIAC (mex), POLERGEIST (fra), KRYPTOR (cze), MAYHEM (ger), DECAPITATION (bra) & ANSCHLUSS (ger).

Here we have 5 complete demo's and half of a 6th demo 
(if anyone has the full 10 song demo of Kryptor, please get in touch with me vaalkoth@yahoo.com

(mex) "Putrefact Death" 1988 demo
Dirty maniacal thrash from Mexico. They sound Brazilian, like Vulcano, Ritual, Chakal, etc. It may be raw, but it's killer necro deathrash! One of the few Mexican pioneers of the style.

1.  False Church
2.  Depravation
3.  Intro / Putrefact Death


POLERGEIST (fra) - 1983 demo #2
This is a really killer early 80's demo by a band called Polergeist. Stupid story behind the band name. The band wanted to be called Poltergeist, but due to a mistake on the 1st demo cover they left out the "t" and became Polergeist. There's no logo that I could find, nor a demo cover. I got this through tapetrading way back in '88.

4.  Seigneurs
5.  Les Yeux Du Mal



KRYPTOR (cze) "Netest A Cnost" 1989 demo (missing 6 songs!!!)
I only have 4 of the 10 songs from this killer demo. I got this dubbed through tapetrading back in '88 and unfortunately somethimes I'd get a tape with an incomplete demo. It would always be a great one too. Much like here. Excellent thrash/death metal! Ripping riffs and underground sound! This is the only incomplete demo in this batch.

6.  Charon
7.  Proroctvi
8.  Vlei Vdova
9.  Osudove Pouto

MAYHEM (ger) "Evil Pentagram" 1986 demo #2
This is the German band Mayhem. They have some roots because the man doing the vocals/guitars on this is Mem Von Stein, who left Mayhem and joined Exumer and is the vocalist on their cult "Possessed By Fire" LP in 1986. Mayhem were raw thrash German style. Nothing like the style of Norway's Mayhem, or the many other Mayhem's. Similar to Violent Force, Minotaur, Celtic Frost & early Sodom.

10.  Intro / Vicious Circle
11.  Slaughter Axe
12.  Evil Pentagram
13.  Satanas
14.  Apocalyptic Raid
15.  Decapitator

 DECAPITATION (bra) "Spittle Of Hate" 1987 demo #1
This is the Brazilian band Decapitation and it's brutal necro-death in a similar vein to fellow Brazilian bands Aamonhammer, Mayhem, Sarcofago, Ritual and old Sepultura. 2 songs of madness.....very dark and morbid with killer riffing. The raw solo's are great. They were definitely inspired by Possessed & Bathory.

16.  Disembowel The Virgin
17.  Morbid Storm

ANSCHLUSS (bra) - 1987 demo
Another very rare Brazilian demo. Noisy raw thrash that is a rehearsal recording, but has a surprisingly great sound. It's like Bulldozer & Venom mixed with Sepultura & Sarcofago. Cult!

18.  Storm Of Terror
19.  Deep Hate