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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

KRUIZ {Круиз} (rus) "Железный Рок" 1987 demo

KRUIZ {Круиз} (rus) "Железный Рок" (Iron Rock1987 demo
Some great speed metal here from a Russian band called Kruiz, in their native tongue it's Круиз. This demo came out in 1987, and the band had already released 4 albums, another demo in '85, a live album & an EP. The sound is album quality, done in a good studio. Crunchy guitars, pounding drums, great leads & riffing, varied vocals. The music is strange - it has a Russian flavor, similar to Korrozia Metalla. Some parts are straight out speed metal with shouted choruses that sound inspired by some mid-80's Bay Area Thrash and also of the band Running Wild. Other songs have a Metal Church vibe but crunchier and Russian. All the vocals are in Russian and it adds to the positive aspects of this great demo. I highly recommend this. It's a killer demo, the length of an album, it sounds great, it's different, it's Russian!

1.  Железный рок (Iron Rock)
2.  Новый мир (Brave New World)
3.  Самый хэви в городе (Heaviest in Town)
4.  Сон в 5000 лет (Dream 5000 Years Long)
5.  Рыцарь дороги (Knight of the Road)
6.  В огонь (In Flames)
7.  Бас соло Васильева (Vasiliev's bass solo)
8.  Рок навсегда (Rock Forever)


KORROZIA METALLA {Коррозия Металла} (rus) "Власть Зла" {"Vlast Zla"} 1985 demo #1

Коррозия Металла (rus) "Власть Зла" 1985 demo #1
 Korrozia Metalla               "Vlast Zla"
 Corrosion of Metal            "Power of Evil"
This is a very rare and somewhat cult demo from a Russian band called Korrozia Metalla, or in their own language, Коррозия Металла, and it translates to English as Corrosion Of Metal. This is definitely one of the earliest extreme metal demo's for a Russian band. They remind me of Root (cze) with whiny vocals that are almost a bit like Thorsten of Living Death (ger). Also similarities to Black Sabbath, Hellhammer & Mortuary Drape. It's not groundbreaking, but considering that in 1985 this was a U.S.S.R. band behind the Iron Curtain, it's sort of interesting to hear what these Russians came up with. Their later material became much thrashier, and better, with 4 good albums released from '88-'92. For the curious.

1.  Люцифер  (Lucifer)
2.  Дьявол здесь  (The Devil Is Here)
3.  Дети дракона  (Children of the Dragon)
4.  Власть зла  (Power of Evil)
5.  Дьявол в полете  (Devil in Flight)
6.  Троглодит  (Troglodit)


Live - notice the hanging effigy to the right
Korrozia Metalla - 1989