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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

KRUIZ {Круиз} (rus) "Железный Рок" 1987 demo

KRUIZ {Круиз} (rus) "Железный Рок" (Iron Rock1987 demo
Some great speed metal here from a Russian band called Kruiz, in their native tongue it's Круиз. This demo came out in 1987, and the band had already released 4 albums, another demo in '85, a live album & an EP. The sound is album quality, done in a good studio. Crunchy guitars, pounding drums, great leads & riffing, varied vocals. The music is strange - it has a Russian flavor, similar to Korrozia Metalla. Some parts are straight out speed metal with shouted choruses that sound inspired by some mid-80's Bay Area Thrash and also of the band Running Wild. Other songs have a Metal Church vibe but crunchier and Russian. All the vocals are in Russian and it adds to the positive aspects of this great demo. I highly recommend this. It's a killer demo, the length of an album, it sounds great, it's different, it's Russian!

1.  Железный рок (Iron Rock)
2.  Новый мир (Brave New World)
3.  Самый хэви в городе (Heaviest in Town)
4.  Сон в 5000 лет (Dream 5000 Years Long)
5.  Рыцарь дороги (Knight of the Road)
6.  В огонь (In Flames)
7.  Бас соло Васильева (Vasiliev's bass solo)
8.  Рок навсегда (Rock Forever)


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