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Monday, May 5, 2014

EXPLICIT DEATH (us/ny) "Multiple Stab Wounds" 1988 demo

EXPLICIT DEATH (us/ny) "Multiple Stab Wounds" 1988 demo

This was THE Rochester Thrash band! They were our answer to Slayer. In fact in early '89 the bassist in my 1st band (Morbid Ecstasy) quit to join Explicit Death, who then split up a short time later. And sadly their drummer Jim Winch died several years ago.
This is KILLER thrash played raw and extreme. Great vokills! Tight drumming. The last track is a joke song for filler with extra studio time. Too bad they never recorded anything further. Highly recommended!

1. Black Toe (instrumental)
2. Not Alive
3. No. 3
4. Road Kill
5. Gnaw
6. Chicken


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