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Saturday, May 10, 2014

4 demo's & an E.P - EXORCIST (pol), LIGHTNING FIRE (bel), HENKER (ita), EUDOXIS (can) and PONTIUS PROPHET (us/ca)

Again I have ripped 5 recordings all together into one folder. A VERY nice collection of cult recordings, one is a rare 12"ep, the rest are demo's. I had all of these back in '88. I'll go in chronological order again....

EXORCIST (pol) "Voices From The Graves" 1987 demo
Poland had a KILLER thrash scene in the 80's, and this was one of the best death/thrash bands. Exorcist! (Not to be confused with the Canadian-American one that released an LP in '86). This is vicious, raw necro-thrashing madness. Killer songs, dark atmosphere, Satanic Venom-inspired, Possessed-like cult!

1.  Last Deacon
2.  7 Gates Of Hell
3.  Pile Driver
4.  Nun's Sabbath

LIGHTNING FIRE (bel) - 1985 demo #2
This is a KILLER Belgian band. My only gripe I ever had was their logo. It looks like it says Fightning Fire. Ugh! Anyways, this is killer speed metal reminiscent a bit of Living Death, Warhead (bel), Destruction, early Running Wild, Iron Angel, etc. This is an overlooked band! Time to remember them!

5.  Vengeance Of A Virgin
6.  God's Arena
7.  Black Power
8.  When The Wolfen Are Singing
9.  Predator

HENKER (ita) "Blasphemia" 1987 demo
This is so cult! Rare & obscure to the hilt, yet killer and evil! It's black/death metal old style - remember this demo came out in 1987. It's minimalistic to a degree, nothing overly technical, but very effective, like a slightly better-talented Hellhammer (I'm not knocking Hellhammer, they fucking RULE). The Intro is an evil narrative that reminds me a lot of Czech bands Root & Master's Hammer.

10.  Blasphemia / Run To The Deepest Hell
11.  I Hate My Living
12.  To Live


EUDOXIS (can) "Attack From Above" 12"ep 1986
This is so hard to find, and it shouldn't be. This contains one of the best thrash songs of the 80's EVER! The A-side on this 12"ep contains the cultic "Attack From Above" complete with the intro and all - a massive classic. Side B is OK but not the classic like side A is. Eudoxis came out of nowhere (well, Canada) and released this amazing E.P. just to disappear and re-appear in the early 90's with a lame CD. At least this remains...

13.  Attack From Above  (Listen Here)
14.  Metal Fix

PONTIUS PROPHET (us/ca) "Rites Of Hatred" 1988 demo
The picture is technically not a Pontius Prophet photo. It's actually a picture of vocalist John Cyriis when he was in Agent Steel in '87. After Agent Steel split up, John formed this band Pontius Prophet in California and they recorded only this 2-song demo before splitting up. I couldn't locate a logo anywhere. It's excellent speed metal in the same vein as Agent Steel with John's unique vocals although he focuses a lot more on an angry delivery and less "singing". The sound/production is muddy and has been on every rip of this I have heard.

15.  Black Sacristy
16.  Rites Of Hatred


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