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Sunday, May 4, 2014

OBSESSOS (bra) "666 - The Ultimate demo" 1987 demo#1

OBSESSOS (bra) "666 - The Ultimate Demo" 1987 demo#1

I first acquired this through my early tapetrading days in 1987 from one of my first tapetraders in Brazil whom I got in contact with through "Penbangers" in Metal Forces magazine. He turned me on to Sepultura, and threw some Obsessos songs on the end of the tape. It took me YEARS to finally find a complete copy of this demo (since that tapetrader disappeared after a few trades). This is raw killer Brazilian death metal inspired by Sepultura & Sarcofago. It's in that same vein. Also if you like '80's-era Mayhem (nor) you might also like this.

1. Scream Of Priests
2. Satan's Procreation
3. The Bewitchment
4. Tormentor (Kreator-cover)


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