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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

5 1/2 demo's - NECROPHILIAC (mex), POLERGEIST (fra), KRYPTOR (cze), MAYHEM (ger), DECAPITATION (bra) & ANSCHLUSS (ger).

Here we have 5 complete demo's and half of a 6th demo 
(if anyone has the full 10 song demo of Kryptor, please get in touch with me vaalkoth@yahoo.com

(mex) "Putrefact Death" 1988 demo
Dirty maniacal thrash from Mexico. They sound Brazilian, like Vulcano, Ritual, Chakal, etc. It may be raw, but it's killer necro deathrash! One of the few Mexican pioneers of the style.

1.  False Church
2.  Depravation
3.  Intro / Putrefact Death


POLERGEIST (fra) - 1983 demo #2
This is a really killer early 80's demo by a band called Polergeist. Stupid story behind the band name. The band wanted to be called Poltergeist, but due to a mistake on the 1st demo cover they left out the "t" and became Polergeist. There's no logo that I could find, nor a demo cover. I got this through tapetrading way back in '88.

4.  Seigneurs
5.  Les Yeux Du Mal



KRYPTOR (cze) "Netest A Cnost" 1989 demo (missing 6 songs!!!)
I only have 4 of the 10 songs from this killer demo. I got this dubbed through tapetrading back in '88 and unfortunately somethimes I'd get a tape with an incomplete demo. It would always be a great one too. Much like here. Excellent thrash/death metal! Ripping riffs and underground sound! This is the only incomplete demo in this batch.

6.  Charon
7.  Proroctvi
8.  Vlei Vdova
9.  Osudove Pouto

MAYHEM (ger) "Evil Pentagram" 1986 demo #2
This is the German band Mayhem. They have some roots because the man doing the vocals/guitars on this is Mem Von Stein, who left Mayhem and joined Exumer and is the vocalist on their cult "Possessed By Fire" LP in 1986. Mayhem were raw thrash German style. Nothing like the style of Norway's Mayhem, or the many other Mayhem's. Similar to Violent Force, Minotaur, Celtic Frost & early Sodom.

10.  Intro / Vicious Circle
11.  Slaughter Axe
12.  Evil Pentagram
13.  Satanas
14.  Apocalyptic Raid
15.  Decapitator

 DECAPITATION (bra) "Spittle Of Hate" 1987 demo #1
This is the Brazilian band Decapitation and it's brutal necro-death in a similar vein to fellow Brazilian bands Aamonhammer, Mayhem, Sarcofago, Ritual and old Sepultura. 2 songs of madness.....very dark and morbid with killer riffing. The raw solo's are great. They were definitely inspired by Possessed & Bathory.

16.  Disembowel The Virgin
17.  Morbid Storm

ANSCHLUSS (bra) - 1987 demo
Another very rare Brazilian demo. Noisy raw thrash that is a rehearsal recording, but has a surprisingly great sound. It's like Bulldozer & Venom mixed with Sepultura & Sarcofago. Cult!

18.  Storm Of Terror
19.  Deep Hate


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