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Friday, May 23, 2014

DEINONYCHUS (hol) "Promo '93" 1993 demo

DEINONYCHUS (hol) "Promo '93" 1993 demo #1
Again, this is not an 80's thrash demo, BUT it's one of the best demo's of the 90's. This is the totally cult demo by the Dutch band DEINONYCHUS. This is nothing like any of their CD's they'd later go on to release. This is dark evil melancholic black metal with some of the most vicious vocals ever!!!! Evil shrieks and screams! Utterly amazing! The vocalist would later do session vocals on the 2nd Bethlehemn (ger) CD "Dictius Te Necare" released in 1996.

1.  A Throne On My Long Awaited Desires
2.  I Ruler Of Paradise In Black
3.  A Shining Blaze Over Darkland
4.  Tears Will Flow  (Outro)


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