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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

SECLUDED VIOLENCE (us/ny) - 1988 demo

SECLUDED VIOLENCE (us/ny) - 1988 demo

Nope, not even a logo for this band. they never drew one up. They simply formed, wrote a bunch of songs and recorded this killer demo in March 1988. They were from Ontario, NY (east of Rochester past Webster) & after the demo their rhythm guitarist quit and I joined for a few months in late '88 before the band fell apart. I never recorded anything with them. Here is their KILLER demo! Very Sacrifice-inspired, in my opinion, plus obvious Slayer & Destruction inspiration, too. After I heard this demo I totally wanted to join, they gave me the demo and I learned the riffs in a week and we rehearsed them all for a few months. Too bad nothing ever came of it.

1. Biogenesis  (Listen Here)
2. Death and Numbers  (Listen Here)
3. Black Dawn  (Listen Here)
4. Curse
5. The Last generation
6. Psychokinetic
7. Circle of 9
8. Secluded Violence


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