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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

BLACK MASS (usa) "Black Mass Bootleg" 1988 demo

BLACK MASS (usa) "Black Mass Bootleg" 1988 demo

Now THIS is obscure. They're not even listed in the Metal Archives. This is a U.S. band called Black Mass. I got this from writing the band in 1988. It's basically a collection of demo recordings onto a cassette. I wrote them after seeing them in some mag in '88, and got this tape. I don't even know what State they are from (I can't remember). It's excellent dark power metal, with one song being thrashier & heavier, and the last song is sell-out crap. But it's really killer rare obscure 80's style metal with that certain aura to it. And it seems to be near impossible to find anywhere else.

1. 1000 Doors Of Death / Ritualz In The Dark
2. Slave Beyond The Grave
3. Worldz Of Fire
4. Black Swan
another studio recording, much thrashier:
5. Breakfast On A Mirror
another studio recording, but sell-out commercial metal:
6. Uncle Cid


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