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Saturday, May 31, 2014

NECROPOLIS (us/pa) "The Insanity Has Only Begun" 1988 demo#3

NECROPOLIS (us/pa) "The Insanity Has Only Begun" 1988 demo #3
This is one of my favorite thrash bands of the 80's. Pittsburgh's Necropolis. A lot of it is nostalgia because I got turned onto the Pittsburgh Thrash scene back in 1987 at age 16 from my cousin. I had family in Pitt and we visited there 3 times a year, so I got into buying some Pitt demos, and I got the Necropolis demo's at Eide's Record Store. This is their 3rd and final demo before splitting up. Excellent Pitt-style thrash.

1.  Shall Earth Endure?
2.  Drunk And Arrogant
3.  The Insanity Has Only Begun
4.  Face Your Hatred
5.  Missing In Action
6.  Toxic Holocaust


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