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Sunday, May 4, 2014

NIGRO MANTIA (den) "Poetry Of Subculture" 1984 demo

NIGRO MANTIA (den) "Poetry Of Subculture" 1984 demo

This is a timeless classic!!!! I came across this demo in 1987 by seeing an old 1984 issue of Blackthorn mag that had this demo reviewed in it. I wrote to the address (in the '84 issue review) and it was their old manager and he had one copy of the demo left that he sent me. This is KILLER heavy metal VERY MUCH in the same vein as early Mercyful Fate. The twin guitar harmonies are simply amazing!! It's like "Satan's Fall" by Mercyful Fate. There are 3 songs. One is over 6 minutes, there's a short riffing instrumental, and then a 12-minute masterpiece!!! So many great riffs and twin guitar harmonies done in the Danish style yet still very original with complex weird melodies. The vocalist is a sort of doomy dreary singing, sometimes a little off-key, but his strange voice suits the music well. Over-all it's dark and mysterious sounding. One of my favorite demo's of the 80's.
Other bands that come to mind besides Mercyful Fate: early Candlemass, Angel Dust (ger-1st LP) & a lil early Metal Church.

1. Bells Ringing For The Fatal Hour
2. Death Romance (Phase One)
3. Monolith Of Infinity   (Listen Here)
    I. Fascination
    II. Stimulation
    III. Dissociation
    IV. Confrontation
    V. Realization


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