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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

DETHTOLL (us/oh) "Count The Dead" 1987 demo #1 and "S.A.D." 1988 demo #2

DETHTOLL (us/oh) "Count The Dead" 1987 demo#1
An absolutely killer cult thrash demo from Toledo band Dethtoll. It's in the same vein as Severe Warning, Incubus (aus&usa), Slayer, Blood Feast, and other great ripping thrash of this era. It does NOT disappoint. I have shared both of their demos together in one file for you. This is all this band released, sadly.

1.  Mourning Impalement
2.  Count The Dead
3.  Destructive End
4.  Sea Of Fire
5.  Erthshok
6.  Erthshok (alt mix)

DETHTOLL (us/oh) "S.A.D." 1988 demo#2
Continuing on their path created on the debut with some Voivod "Killing Technology" influences thrown in as well. A great couple of demo's that deserve repeated listenings.

7.  Deth Revealed
8.  Barra Edin Nazu
9.  Flight 655
10.  C44 H2S (Fart Song)
11.  POW-MIA
12.  Chez Bougois


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