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Friday, June 6, 2014

MORBID ECSTASY (us/ny) - Rehearsal summer 1988

                     MORBID ECSTASY

MORBID ECSTASY (us/ny) - Rehearsal Summer 1988
This was my first band. I wrote the music and I play Guitar. The band is rounded out by drummer Rich Rago, bassist Dan Santillo, and vocalist Mike Proctor. The first song is the same song twice. The second version sounds better but cuts in and is missing part of the beginning of the song. Mike Proctor delivers some AMAZING screams towards the end. At this time we were very inspired (mutually) by Death, Bathory, Slayer, Possessed, Celtic Frost and Sacrifice. We never recorded a demo. Dan quit to join local band Explicit Death and we split up. I think our music was dark death/thrash and it was tight.

1.  Golgotha
2.  (cuts in) Golgotha
3.  Sludge


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