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Thursday, June 12, 2014

MATRICIDE (us/fl) "Mother's Day" 1987 demo #1 and "Elysium" 1988 demo #2


MATRICIDE (us/fl) "Mother's Day" 1987 demo #1
This is a killer demo of early death metal by Matricide. It's actually a one-man band of John Ortega, who played bass in Morbid Angel from 1985-1986. He started this solo-project band afterwards. He does the vocals, guitars, bass, effects and programmed the drums. This first demo is raw, primitive, morbid and sick! It was a classic at the time, and another of the cult 1987 demo's.

1.  Evil Dead
2.  Contamination
3.  Black Plague
4.  Guardians Of The Crypt
5.  Nightmare Of Possession

MATRICIDE (us/fl) "Elysium" 1988 demo #2
On the second demo the music has progressed and over-all the song structures have matured. He does a surprisingly good job with the programmed drums. This would be the last Matricide demo before they disappeared to remain as a cult band with just 2 demo's to their name. Great surreal death metal with some of the best song titles of that era.

6.  Warrior Of The 7th Domain
7.  Matricide
8.  Kingdoms Lost To Shadows Of Another Mind
9.  Shadows Beyond The Unseen Realm
10.  Evil Dead


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