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Monday, June 9, 2014

2 demo's in 1 file: ARGOS (c.r.) "Under The Sacrilege" 1989 demo + SILENXCE (hol) "Infernal Ending..." 1987 demo #1

ARGOS (c.r.) "Under The Sacrilege" 1989 demo
This is the only great Costa Rican thrash band I know of. This demo is simply KILLER! Very much in the same vein as Slaughter Lord (aus), Agressor (fra), old Sepultura & Sodom. A really rare classic that deserves to be in any collection for listening pleasure at any given moment.

1.  The Final Time
2.  Sacrilege
3.  Sentence

SILENXCE (hol) "Infernal Ending..." 1987 demo #1
This band was previously known as Inferno and released a primitive demo in '86. In '87 they changed their name to Silenxce (I have no idea why there's an "x" in there) and released this KILLER demo that was ahead of its time! It is amazing technical thrash in the same vein as Deathrow & Dark Angel with killer soaring vocals, ripping riffs, pounding precise drumming and a production worthy of an album and not a debut demo. This is a masterpiece through and through! An absolute must-have.

4.  Ort ni  -  Crucial Incision
5.  Agent Orange
6.  Masquereign
7.  The Kraken
8.  Ten Plagues
9.  Silenxce
10.  Infernal Ending


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