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Thursday, June 5, 2014

VALKYRIA {Вал'кирия} (rus) "Валькирия Взлетает" 1990 demo

VALKYRIA {Вал'кирия} (rus) "Валькирия Взлетает" {"Valkyria Takes Off"} 1990 demo
This is a PHENOMENAL demo by a Russian band called Valkyria - Вал'кирия in Russian language (as is their logo). The music is dark & heavy thrash and sounds trapped in 1987 and also has atmosphere with some excellent usage of keyboards!!! Some comparisons......hmmm, Pestilence is an influence. They sound like Dark Millennium before they existed! This is really excellent!!!! Completely original! Highly recommended!! ........and Total cult!!!!

1.  Спектакль  (Gala Drama)
2.  Ждет Меня  (Waiting For Me)
3.  Вороны  (Ravens)
4.  Висельников Бал  (Hearing A Violin of a Hell)
5.  Скрипки Ада  (The Hangman's Dance)


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