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Saturday, June 14, 2014

BACCHUS (us/ca) "Enraged" 1987 demo #1, "88" 1988 demo #2 and 1989 demo #3

BACCHUS (us/ca) "Enraged" 1987 demo #1
This is the first of their 3 classic demo's. These guys were from San Francisco and played a great power/speed/thrash metal. The vocals are a sort of crossover style, like a mix of Cronos & D.R.I. The music is thrash, with some riffs being very Possessed-like, plus some Destruction + Slayer influences. Great jamming leads. They stand out from their Bay Area peers.

1.  Enraged
2.  Malevolence
3.  War Monger
4.  Mein Kampf

BACCHUS (us/ca) "88" 1988 demo #2
On their second demo all crossover elements are gone. It's now speed thrash. A lot more Slayer influence, and much thrashier sick vocals with great screams, and still very Possessed-like riffing. I also hear a bit of Razor in their sound. Just a killer demo with an improved sound over the debut demo.

5.  Mein Kampf
6.  Reanimator
7.  Malevolence
8.  Pull The Plug
9.  Hatchet Man

BACCHUS (us/ca) - 1989 demo #3
This 3rd demo is basically the 2nd demo re-recorded with a new vocalist. It's like a second rendition of these songs in another studio and with another vocalist. I prefer the previous version better myself. Bacchus was a great band. They get mostly lost & forgotten today, but they were a part of that thriving Bay Area Thrash scene (they formed in 1985).

10.  Mein Kampf
11.  Reanimator
12.  Malevolence
13.  Pull The Plug
14.  Hatchet Man


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  1. Hey man, my name is Matt Mc Cone, the ooriginal singer of bacchus. Thanks for the rad props. We really appreciate you remembering us!