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Sunday, June 22, 2014

GREETING DEATH (can) "Pain Of The Earth" 1987 demo

GREETING DEATH (can) "Pain Of The Earth" 1987 demo
The lone demo by Canadians Greeting Death ......Quebec actually. It's an interesting and classic demo. I first saw it reveiwed in some magazine back in 1987 and ordered it from the band. I still have my original demo. This blew me away then. I loved the band name. Their songs are fast, raw, deathrash. Comparable to Wehrmacht, Soothsayer, Slayer, Bathory, Possessed, Deathrage & Kreator. This demo is more like a cassette album. Lots of music to enjoy and it's worth your time every time. CULT!

1.  The Slaughterer
2.  Greeting Death
3.  Kill The God
4.  Threshold Of Doom
5.  Pain Of The Earth
6.  The Revolt
7.  Death To Christ
8.  The Gates Of Hell
9.  Beyond The Graves
10.  Outro


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